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FIFA 17 - FIFA Ultimate Team (FUT) Draft Tips

FIFA Ultimate Team Draft , or FUT Draft for the experts, the newest mode in FIFA 17 Ultimate Team. There are great prizes at stake and our tips will help you a long way to build a strong team.
The first time you boot FUT, you get a draft token that can be used in single player or online drafts. Without a token you have 15,000 coins or 300 FIFA Points to pay to participate in a FUT Draft.
Choose a difficulty level where you feel you have a good chance to win four consecutive matches. Watch out, the games become increasingly difficult and the final match is much more difficult than the first. The best prices are handed out at the end, so do not be overconfident and do not make it hard on yourself.
Then choose a formation. Play it safe again, choose not obscure formation, but go for a reliable standard. A 4-3-3 example gives a good chance that your star players fully come into their own. Triche FIFA 17 Coins
FUT Draft and chemistry
Now is fixed formation, it is time to choose one of five options captain. From now on, you should focus on the most important element of a successful Ultimate Team: chemistry (or chemistry). Choosing your captain largely determines the rest of your draft. Select players from the same country, the same club or league. This often means that although a player does not get the highest rating of five choices available, you still choose him over a better player to prevent miscommunication and breakdowns during the match. Save time by already looking ahead how a player affects the chemistry of your team.

Fill out your whole team and maximize the chemistry between your players. If you're still not convinced after selecting your eleven players, you can choose at your seven substitutes and five reserve players still looking for better connections. A player with fresh legs can be in the later stages of PEP Draft make a difference, so put guys on the bench that can be decisive.However, if you have enough confidence in the team spirit after choosing your team, you can save time by invaders you to choose automatically.
EA ensures that the 15,000 coins you invest in several ways be refunded to you. Instead of the sum simply to give back when the first or second match loses, get maps packs and some of you are buy back. The real price is of course at the end of the fourth match.

Know Your Players

But to get there, you must first examine well your team. Research each player's style and idiosyncrasies. If after the draft as a headless chicken starts the first game, this can have dramatic consequences. Imagine for example the following situation: at the end of the game you left alone in front of the goal. However, shot with his right foot sails played vibrantly about. What a pity you did not examine in advance that he is left footed. There goes your glorious prize. In short, know your team as much as possible before you start playing.
And do not be discouraged if your first FIFA Ultimate Team Draft adversity. You will finally assigned random players. Collect enough coins back and try again. You never know when that invincible draft lurking. FIFA 17 Coins Hack